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Patient Portal and User Agreement

Cataract and Eye Disease Specialist’s, Inc. offers a patient portal website in partnership with Sophrona Solutions, Inc. for the exclusive use of its established patients. Our patient portal is designed to enhance the patient communication experience with our practice. We rigorously maintain your records to ensure accurate information. If you identify any discrepancy in your records, you agree to contact our office immediately. By using the Patient Portal service, you agree to provide accurate and factual information.

The use of our Patient Portal is entirely voluntary. The quality of care you receive from Cataract and Eye Disease Specialists, Inc. will not be impacted should you decide to decline the use of our Patient Portal.


Patient Portal Features:

  • View appointments both past and future
  • Access your clinical health record summary
  • Compose and receive secure messages from your medical provider
  • Ability to update insurance information
  • Request electronic copy of your insurance information

Additional features may become available in the future.


Patient Portal Limitations:

  • Non-emergency use ONLY
  • No emergent communications or services
    • In an event of an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department
  • No internet based diagnostic medical services
  • No request to refill opioids (narcotics) or benzodiazepines
  • Unable to fulfill request for medications not currently prescribed by your medical provider


If mistreatment or negligent actions identified from the use of the Cataract and Eye Disease Specialist’s, Inc. Patient Portal. Account/s could be suspended, terminated, or access altered or limited at our discretion.


Health Information Privacy

Please review our HIPAA policy for information on how Cataract and Eye Disease Specialists, Inc. may use your Patient History Information (PHI). All patients have signed a HIPAA agreement form and provided a copy of our policies. We can provide a copy of our HIPAA policies upon request.


We believe we have taken certain measures to provide a safe and secure electronic experience, it does not guarantee that unforeseen adverse events are incapable of occurring. Cataract and Eye Disease Specialist’s, Inc. have under gone rigorous IT related security implementations to not only enforce security standards, but exceed industry standard recommendations.


Site Access

After initial setup (Includes Username and Temporary Password) the Patient Portal may be accessed in various ways:

While the Patient Portal is user friendly, if you have any non medical related questions, limited technical support questions may be directed (636)441-7900 ext. 777.


By using the Patient Portal you agree that you have read, fully understand, and agree to this Patient Portal User Agreement Consent Form and by providing a valid email address that is secure you agree to adhere to these policies set forth herein. As with any electronic services certain risks are associated with online communications. You agree to not hold liable Cataract and Eye Disease Specialists, Inc. and its employees for any damages arising from use of the Patient Portal.


We recognize some symptoms may be considered more severe than others and should be examined by a Physician. If you have concerns for your eye health and would like to schedule an appointment. Please contact our office and our helpful staff will guide you through the process.

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